About Us

Welcome to Dicepool. We are an ethical, peer to peer platform where you are playing against other players, and not the house. We were sick of constantly being ripped off by the house, playing games that were impossible to win, so we created Dice Pool. It has the thrill and simplicity of a dice game, but the fairness of say Poker, where the odds are not stacked in favor of the house.

How to play is simple:

  1. Add some BTC balance to your wallet. Follow the onscreen instructions carefully to ensure a smooth deposit. (if you have any issues, email dicepoolbtc@gmail.com)
  2. Play in manual or Auto mode. In Manual mode, play with 2 to unlimited amounts of players. Simply click “Play Next Round” to enter into the next round. Each round costs .0001 BTC and the house keeps 3%. You can also select Auto, and then set a high and low balance to stop at or a maximum amount of rounds to play. If any of these limiters are hit, your bot will stop playing for you.
  3. An additional .5% of the play is put towards the jackpot, which will be handed out at random intervals.
  4.  If you win, withdraw your winnings. There is a min withdrawal of .001 and there is a withdrawal fee of 1.5%.

We have a whole bunch of features and enhancements coming real soon. We plan to bring other ethical online games that you can play for BTC to life in the not too distant future too, so we hope that you will support us in our journey. Have fun and be safe and responsible Ethical Gaming Team

The Ethical Gaming Team